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Our Services

New Directions is a dedicated domestic violence prevention organization offering a comprehensive range of services, including expert advocacy, personalized safety planning, empowering life skills coaching, and impactful prevention initiatives, working tirelessly to create a safer and more secure future for victims and survivors.

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Advocacy at New Directions is a vital support system, providing survivors of domestic violence with expert guidance and empowering them to navigate legal and social challenges as they strive for a violence-free future.

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Life Skills Coaching

Life skills coaching at New Directions is a transformative process, providing survivors with personalized guidance to rebuild their lives, gain practical tools, and foster independence beyond the impact of domestic violence.

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Safety Planning

At New Directions, safety planning is a personalized and strategic process, empowering domestic violence survivors with the tools and resources needed to escape abusive situations and prioritize their well-being.

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New Directions actively prevents domestic violence through a Teen Council, school programs on healthy relationships, and community awareness, aiming to break the cycle and create a safer future.

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