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About Us

Breaking Chains and Building Futures.

Our Mission:

New Directions of Decatur County strives to increase social consciousness about domestic violence and to assist individual victims by helping them break free from the cycle of physical and emotional abuse.

Our Vision:

New Directions of Decatur County envisions a community where every individual feels safe, empowered, and free from domestic violence and abuse.

Image by Hannah Busing

Our Story

Welcome to New Directions of Decatur County, where we are passionately dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence. Our mission is to raise awareness about this pervasive issue and provide crucial support to those affected by physical and emotional abuse.

At New Directions, we firmly believe in the power of advocacy to create lasting change. Through education, outreach, and support services, we work tirelessly to increase social consciousness about domestic violence. By shedding light on the issue, we aim to empower individuals to recognize the signs of abuse and take steps toward breaking free from its cycle.

In addition to our commitment to supporting victims, we extend our reach to the younger generation through our teen programming. In local schools, we engage in vital conversations about healthy relationships and dating abuse. By providing education and resources, we strive to equip students with the knowledge and tools to foster respectful relationships and prevent the perpetuation of abuse.

At New Directions, we recognize the importance of community involvement in dismantling the barriers that victims face. Join us in our journey to create a community where everyone can thrive in healthy, violence-free relationships. Together, let's build a future where the cycle of domestic violence is broken, and individuals of all ages can embrace relationships built on respect, understanding, and compassion.

Our People


Board of Directors

Ashley Wilson

Joey Roberts

Bekah Smith
Vice President

Dr. Nykki Boersma

Sherell Scott

Tricia Burkhart

Michele Holtkamp

Our History


A team of 23 volunteers, the D.R.E.A.M. Team, laid the foundation for Decatur County's only domestic violence facility.


The D.R.E.A.M. Team transformed into a nonprofit (known as New Directions), establishing a board of directors and solidifying its commitment to aiding victims of domestic violence.


New Directions Domestic Violence Shelter emerged with a full-time Executive Director and a devoted team, relying on volunteers to offer 24/7 support for families seeking refuge.


New Directions achieved a significant milestone with the acquisition of a new facility, strategically designed to house our offices and create a comforting, home-like environment for victims.


Reshaping the shelter landscape, New Directions is enhancing community services, broadening education initiatives, challenging perceptions, and providing unwavering support on the path to survivorship.

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