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Life Skills Coaching

Life Skills Coaching at New Directions is a comprehensive program designed to empower survivors of domestic violence with the practical tools and knowledge essential for rebuilding their lives. Covering a spectrum of skills, from financial literacy to emotional resilience, this coaching initiative equips individuals with the resources needed to navigate the challenges of post-abuse life, fostering independence and a foundation for lasting well-being.

Working with Financial Documents

Money Management

New Directions prioritizes financial empowerment through targeted Money Management programs, providing survivors of domestic violence with essential skills to regain control over their financial lives. These initiatives focus on budgeting, savings, and economic independence, offering a crucial foundation for individuals to rebuild and thrive after leaving abusive situations.

Job Skills Training

Job Skills Training at New Directions is a transformative program designed to empower survivors of domestic violence with the practical tools and expertise needed to enter or re-enter the workforce successfully. Through tailored training, individuals gain valuable skills, boosting their confidence and self-sufficiency, ultimately paving the way for a brighter and more independent future beyond the impact of abuse.

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Healthy Relationship Counseling

Healthy Relationship Counseling at New Directions empowers survivors of domestic violence with personalized guidance on communication, boundaries, and emotional well-being. This crucial support helps individuals cultivate and sustain positive relationships, fostering healing and resilience.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution at New Directions equips individuals affected by domestic violence with valuable skills to navigate and resolve interpersonal challenges. Through targeted guidance, survivors learn effective communication, negotiation, and problem-solving techniques, fostering a healthier and more secure environment as they work towards a violence-free future.

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Empowerment Support Programs

Empowerment Support Programs at New Directions are designed to uplift individuals affected by domestic violence, offering a range of resources and guidance. Through these programs, survivors gain the strength and skills needed to reclaim control over their lives, fostering independence and resilience on the journey to a brighter, violence-free future.

Parenting Skills

New Directions' Parenting Skills programs empower survivors of domestic violence with essential tools for creating a nurturing and secure environment, fostering stable and loving family dynamics.

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