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Safety Planning

Safety planning at New Directions is a personalized and strategic approach, empowering individuals affected by domestic violence with the tools and resources needed to navigate and escape abusive situations. Through collaborative efforts, survivors develop tailored plans that prioritize their safety and well-being, providing a path toward independence and security beyond the impact of abuse.

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Protective Order Assistance

New Directions offers vital assistance to domestic violence victims by guiding them through the process of filing protective orders. With compassionate support, the organization ensures survivors have the necessary resources and information to obtain legal protection, fostering a safer environment and empowering individuals to break free from the cycle of abuse.

Danger Lethality Assessment

New Directions conducts thorough Danger Lethality Assessments, evaluating the level of risk and potential harm faced by individuals affected by domestic violence. This critical assessment helps tailor intervention strategies, providing survivors with personalized support and resources to mitigate immediate threats and create a pathway toward lasting safety and well-being.

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Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention Services offer immediate and compassionate support for individuals in domestic violence situations, providing a vital lifeline during challenging moments. These services serve as a crucial bridge to safety, guiding survivors toward assistance and the path to healing.

Basic Necessities Assistance

Survivors at New Directions have access to essential resources, including food and clothing, ensuring that basic needs are met on their journey to recovery. By addressing these fundamental necessities, the organization empowers individuals to rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience after experiencing domestic violence.

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