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Saturday, August 10
6:30 PM
Into the Woods Event Space


About New Directions

Since 1993, we have been commited to assisting domestic violence victims by helping them break free from the cycle of abuse.

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Get Help

Are you in a domestic violence situation? You're not alone. Our dedicated team would be honored to walk through this journey with you.

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If you would like to donate to the life-changing work of New Directions, please click the button below. Every dollar makes a difference.

Our Mission

Safety. Empowerment.  Freedom.

New Directions of Decatur County strives to increase social consciousness about domestic violence and to assist individual victims by helping them break free from the cycle of physical and emotional abuse.

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Recognizing the Spectrum:
Understanding Various Forms of Abuse

At New Directions, we recognize that abuse extends beyond physical harm. We stand firmly as advocates for victims facing emotional, sexual, financial, electronic, and stalking abuse. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive support for survivors on their journey to healing.

Physical Abuse.png

Physical Abuse

Infliction of bodily harm, violence, or force


Example: Hitting, slapping, or physical aggression

Emotional Abuse.png

Emotional Abuse

Manipulation, control, and psychological harm, damaging mental well-being


Example: Constant criticism, humiliation, or isolation

Sexual Abuse.png

Sexual Abuse

Non-consensual sexual acts, coercion, or exploitation


Example: Rape, unwanted touching, or sexual coercion

Financial Abuse.png

Financial Abuse

Controlling finances, restricting access, or exploiting economic vulnerability


Example: Withholding money, controlling spending, or sabotaging employment

Electronic Abuse.png

Electronic Abuse

Harassment, monitoring, or control through technology and online platforms


Example: Cyberbullying, unauthorized surveillance, or online harassment



Persistent unwanted attention, surveillance, and intrusive behavior


Example: Following, threatening, or unwanted communication

Image by Scott Webb

The Reality of Domestic Violence:
Megan's Story



adults were served by New Directions throughout the year.


children were indirectly served through the support New Directions provided for parents.

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