Meet The Team

Board of Directors

President -Ben Tylka
Vice President - Vacant 
Secretary & Treasurer-Ashley Wilson
Board Member- Nykki Boersma
Board Member- Joey Roberts
Board Member- Michele Holtkamp
Board Member - Bekah Smith


Executive and Administrative Staff

Interim Exec Director-Kelly Wampler
Case Manager- April Richards
Shelter Advocate- Wendy Bohman 

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Our Journey

1993- A small group formed a team of 23 volunteers who referred to themselves as the D.R.E.A.M. Team. This team worked to provide new services and support for domestic violence survivors and set the ball in motion for what is now the only domestic violence facility in Decatur County.

1998- The D.R.E.A.M. Team chose a new name, established a Board of Directors, and became a newly incorporated, non-profit service provider for victims of domestic violence---known as New Directions. 

2000- New Directions Domestic Violence Shelter opened its doors with a full-time Executive Director, part-time Counselor, and two part-time Victim Advocates. New Directions depended heavily on volunteers to help staff provide 24/7 coverage while families were in residence.

2018- New Directions purchased a new shelter location that would allow for up to 9 residents to be sheltered simultaneously.

2021- New Directions continue to change the dynamic of the shelter as we improve how we serve our community. We work diligently to expand our programming for residential and non-residential services, to educate victims and the general public, to improve community perception, and to provide ongoing support for victims aspiring to live a successful life of survivorship. 

Our Mission

New Directions of Decatur County strives to increase social consciousness about domestic violence and to assist individual victims by helping them break free from the cycle of physical and emotional abuse.

Our Vision 

New Directions of Decatur County envisions a community where every individual feels safe, empowered, and free from domestic violence and abuse.

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